Monday, April 21, 2014

This ain't gonna be pretty!

I'm going to take a couple of days off from blogging this week. 

I'll be back on Wednesday afternoon to start this week's It's a Party. 

I'm going to show you what I'll be doing, but I don't want the first photo you see to be what I'm about to show you, so let's look at this first.

Easter 2014

Okay, are you ready? Here comes the ugliness!

Yes, that my friends, I'm ashamed to say, is our closet that we use everyday.
Pretty, huh? UGH!!!

My friend, Mindie, from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hypo was brave enough to post about her closet last week, so I thought I should "man up" and do the same. You can see how great hers turned out Here.

I've started working on it a tiny bit, but I need a full day (if not more!) to get it back to some kind of organized chaos.

When I finish it and if I'm still alive, I'm moving upstairs to the craft room.

(Brace yourself)

I don't know how it happened or even when it happened, but that's what my craft room looks like right now as we speak. Wow!

I know that's going to take a lot more than one day, but I hope to have a dent in it by Friday. Our beautiful and talented (buttering up) granddaughter, Jalynn, is going to be here with us and I'm hoping to bribe her into helping me. Wish me luck! Now that I think about it, that's really a mean thing for a grandma to do, isn't it?

So that's what I'll be up to and I hope you understand my absence for a few days. Believe me, I would much rather be right here on this computer with all of you.

Have a great week and I'll see you back here Wednesday!


Debra McAlester said...

I have a shop for my crafts because its my job, but if it makes you feel any better at all, I had to HIRE someone to come in and clean and organize it and in a month I've gotten it all messed up again. But I've been working so if I can sell a bunch of stuff maybe I can get it back to normal?

Cranberry Morning said...

LOVE the family photo, Terri! And I had to laugh at the closet and craft room photos. I have the same issues, but it just seems to creep up on you, doesn't it! I think it's because we're so busy. I find time to do stuff, but not time to organize and tidy up afterwards. Yikes! But unlike you, I'm not going to tackle my ugliness just now. I'm saving it for a better day. LOL
P.S. Take lots of breaks. :-)

Sally said...

Your photos make me feel so much better, knowing that I"m not the only one! I just recently did some organizing of my craft room, but my problem is that my space is so small and my stuff is sooooo much. It's all stacked up nicely, but there's no room in there :(

Kathi Riemer said...

Arrggg.... that stuff piles up doesn't it. It doesn't take very much time for our stuff to get away from us. Have fun organizing your space.