Friday, September 5, 2014

Clear Vinyl Football Purse

Greg and I are going to the Chiefs game on Sunday and with the NFL rule about bags and purses, I needed a vinyl purse.

I didn't have time to order one, so I whipped one up myself last week.

I didn't know if or how this was going to work out, which means I didn't write down any dimensions as I cut and put it together. The zippers are 9", maybe that gives you some idea. 

Anyway, here's the Cliff Note (do they still make those?) version of what I did.

I started by putting a zipper in the front to hold our tickets. 

By the way, I found the clear vinyl at JoAnn's.

The handle is extra long to make it a cross body bag.

The strips I used for the top and to put the handles on and the zipper in were cut 10".

I then sewed the Chiefs top to the vinyl and assembled it all like you would a tote with a flat bottom.

I know that's clear as mud and I'm sorry. After Brandon & Christina's wedding, I'm going to make another one and this time I'll write everything down. 

In the meantime...

Are you ready for some football?!!!

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