Monday, October 27, 2014

The Boys of Fall

It's an exciting time around here these days. Not only is it football season and our Chiefs are playing, but the Royals are in the World Series!

Last week on Good Morning America, they were talking about how San Francisco stopped playing the song by Lorde called Royals during the World Series. Which, by the way, encouraged all the radio stations around here to play it constantly.

It, also, inspired me to applique a Royals shirt.

I just printed out the letters and traced them on the fabric to applique on.

For the name on the back, I used Princess. Get it? Be Royal - Princess.

#20 was Josh's number when he played baseball in college.

Royals Shirt...check
Royals Tote Bag...check
Royals cup...check
Blue shoelaces...check

Royals watch party at Brandon & Christina's...priceless!

That was Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the Chiefs played at noon and the 5th game of the World Series was at 7:00.

I've got to give credit where credit is due. This was Greg's idea. He even went out and found the Royals shirt, then brought it home and told me to put something Chiefs on the back so he wouldn't have to change during the day.

Want to know where I got the KC arrowhead?

From a car flag.

I ironed on Wonder Under and then cut it out and appliqued it on the back.

He's got a pair of red Chiefs shoes, too. I told him he should wear one red and one blue shoe.
He didn't listen to me.

Have an awesome Monday!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Love this, Terri. You are SO CLEVER! Hope you have a great week (and that your family realizes what a treasure you are. My family would drop over if I ever got creative. LOL)

Lea said...

I found you on Friday Finds.