Friday, November 14, 2014

Glammed Up Pumpkin Centerpiece

After I made my Bandana Tablecloth last week and even though it's not your traditional fall colors, I thought it still needed something fit for the season.

So I glammed up a few pumpkins for a centerpiece.

I had this bag of small pumpkins that I probably bought last year and didn't use.
(Or the the year before, or the year before that...)

Then I went to town with paint, ribbon and (I'm going to regret this) glitter.

I'm so happy with how it looks now, the colors are bright and cheery.

The tablecloth post is Here.

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Stephanie said...

Very pretty! I love the gittery one. Happy weekend, Terri!

Cranberry Morning said...

That's very pretty, Terri, and goes well with your bandana tablecloth. There is absolutely no glam in this house, anywhere, at the moment, but Christmas has sure been made to seem closer with all the snow! Have a lovely weekend.