Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Money Tree

Now that my kids and grandkids are all getting older, I've found out that I have no idea what they're talking about on their Christmas list. I can't just run to the toy store anymore, not to mention what clothes they might want.

The Crafty Journal shared a fun way to give money this Christmas. I've tried a lot of the money origami that I've seen and it was way too complicated and I ended up frustrated with a ball of scrunched up dollars, but this cute tree is doable and perfect for Christmas. 

Go to Crafty Journal to see how to fold the money and put the tree together.

I actually started a new Pinterest board a couple of days ago with clever ways to give money. You can go Here to see what I've found so far.
(I'm loving the umbrella idea!) 

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Noreen said...

THanks for featuring my Christmas Money Tree. The kids LOVED getting one! It's better than a gift card because it doesn't expire, and it can be used anywhere.

Crafty Journal