Friday, January 9, 2015

Dish Soap Decanter

I know washing dishes is not much fun to do or talk about, but...

This might make it a little better.

I've seen the etched dish soap bottles around quite a bit and thought this would be a good way to use up a few that I've had stashed away.

I knew the etching cream would work on the clear bottles, but wasn't too sure about the dark green bottle, but as you can see, it worked great.

I did these for little Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends and didn't take any photo's of the process. All I did was cut the dish stencil out of contact paper and followed the directions on the etching cream. You can find the spout for it at most liquor stores.

I shared the crochet dishcloth on Monday. It's Here if you missed it.

I used leftover yarn to tie the dishcloth to the bottle and it all fits perfectly in a wine bag.

Happy Friday and try to stay warm!

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1 comment:

Joy Cochran said...

Cute project! Thanks for sharing it!!