Monday, January 26, 2015

That Useless Cabinet above the Refrigerator

You know the one I'm talking about. That cabinet that is right above the refrigerator and too high to even reach and if you could, the refrigerator is in the way to really use it.

As I looked up at it and all the dust that it accumulates the other day, I decided it was time to change it up a little.

That's right, I ripped the doors off and filled it with old cookbooks that I had stuffed in another cabinet. Now that I think about it, I spent one whole morning moving "stuff" from one cabinet to another. At least this one is much more pleasant to look at now.

That red Betty Crocker Cookbook was actually a wedding shower present and the Taste of Home was a present from Brandon a couple of years ago. I love it!

In the basket are newspaper clippings that my mom had of recipes and an old cookbook from my grandma.

My mom had actually saved her book from her first mixmaster. I still remember that old thing sitting out on the kitchen counter as I was growing up.

I truly treasure this old cookbook from my grandma. You can sure tell her and then my mom used it a lot!

Where else could you possibly learn the correct way to fry in fat?

Or how about a fritter or two?

Yes, it's not much, but definitely an improvement! 

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Cranberry Morning said...

I like old cookbooks! My favorite is an old Betty Crocker one from years ago. Back when we ate cold cereal, I would store them above the refrigerator because that seemed like a good and dry place for them. Now I store stemmed glassware that we use only on special occasions. I bet you have a little step stool in your kitchen. I know I do, and I need it to reach that little cabinet above the refrige. :-))

Debby said...

Looks like you like Longaberger baskets. I live about 3 miles from the big basket. Also, my next door neighbor was Dave's girlfriend when he died.
I have one of those cabinets. My husband uses it to hide things from me that he thinks I will loose if he gives them to me.

For My Love Of said...

I hate that darn cabinet! They did a bit better with the cabinet above our fridge because it's deeper than the other cabinets. But at just over 5 feet tall, I still need a ladder than I'm not willing to pull out often to get into. Useless!

Jill Shepherd said...

Neat idea Terri - that shelf looks good now! I love when people find things to do with 'useless' things and places! Great old cookbooks too!
Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Deborah Daneliz Rivera said...

I don't think that cabinet on top of our Refrigerator has been used since we moved into this house. This is a great idea & it looks good!