Monday, April 27, 2015

Simple Crochet Color Block Baby Blanket

I always crochet when I'm watching my shows at night. I can't stand to just sit, so I crochet. Because I'm watching Grey's Anatomy or Scandal, I like simple projects that don't require counting stitches. This little baby blanket is perfect for that.

I started with a chain of 100, and all the other rows are half double crochet.
I told you this was simple!

I used Yarn Bee's Soft Secret yarn in white, mist, and navy. Only 1 skein of each.

I started with the navy and when that skein was gone, I added the next color. It turned out to be just the right size for a baby or even a lap blanket.

Have a great Monday!

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Karen said...

Love how simple the blanket is! I am the same way ~ I have to have my hands busy while watching TV. I am a knitter who has recently discovered crochet. I love how easy it is to crochet pretty much mindlessly most of the time. I am currently working on a beautiful shawl.

collettakay said...

I love to crochet in the evening while watching tv! Right now I'm working on a granny square.

I hope you can come visit:


xyd18 said...

What hook size did u use?