Friday, June 19, 2015

Embroidered Tote Bag

I told you the other day that I was taking classes for my new embroidery machine and also, the software. I had my first software class a couple of weeks ago.

With a lot of help from the teacher, we created that design! I was so excited about it that I came home and made a tote bag using the design. The tote bag is just what I needed to carry my laptop and all the rest of my stuff to software class.

I did the embroidery on the fabric and then cut out for the tote around it.
(I made it like I did this tote, but used all one piece of fabric instead of two for the outside.)

I did have one little glitch when I first started the embroidery with the first 2 pins (bottom left side). I somehow figured out how to correct it and the rest went perfectly smooth.

It's nice and roomy on the inside with a fabric covered cardboard bottom and 2 big pockets.

I made a separate bag for my laptop to go in with lots of padding and fits in the tote.

It, also, has a pocket on the inside.

The little bag really doesn't match, but it works for all my USB sticks. I found it at Joann's for only a dollar, so hey, why not?

Have an awesome Friday!

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maureen said...

Tote is great. Love the embroidery design. Loveyour color choices.

would love to make one for me for classes. Can you share the embroidery design source.

Rose FineCraftGuild said...

Wow wow wow, Terri. That turned out amazingly great. What a bag. Love the red. Love the stitched letters - everything. Thank you so much for linking it (and your other submissions) up at SHARE IT, at Pinned! A new party will open tomorrow and I sure hope to seeing you there again!